Casinos giving away money, just to play

The profession of ‘games of chance’ has its roots in medieval times, but the phenomenon galled e-gaming has only started not so long ago. Nevertheless, online gaming is fast taking the place of traditional sit down table games because it does not require huge travel and hotel costs or lots of spare time, and also offers larger payout odds than traditional casinos in places like Singapore, Thailand, Vegas, or Atlantic City.

And the best part, you don’t need a lot of time or expensive equipment to do it! Just stay in front of that desktop, tablet or laptop you are looking at now, click on the link to the site, open an account, make a deposit, and you’re ready to start playing! Because the gaming industry is so competitive right now, and each site wants to get the maximum number of players, a lot of e-gaming sites are also offering huge bonuses and rewards to new and old players to their sites.

Some of the great free play bonuses that the online gaming scene is offering right now are as follows:

Fixed deposit bonus- This is just a fixed sum of money that a casino gives free to a player when he/she opens an account.
Percentage deposit bonuses- This means that the e-casino gives a free play bonus which is a fraction of the initial deposit. If a casino gives a 500 bonus, then, if a person initially deposits 1000 dollars, the casino gives 500 dollars more, free! For a 100% bonus, for a 100 dollar deposit, a player gets 100 dollars more!

Refer a friend bonus- This bonus is given to a player to encourage them to invite their friends and family to a site. The more friends and family who make a deposit, the more money the casino gives to the player!

Vote bonus- This is a free play bonus that an online gaming site gives to a player if he/she votes for the site in a variety of surveys or contests. The more a person votes, the more money he/she gets!
Frequent player bonus- This bonus ensures that the more a person plays, the more money they get, whether they win or lose!

Cash back bonus- This free play bonus is a kind of insurance a player gets- if he/ she loses his/her initial deposit, the casino pays them back the amount.
These free play bonuses, as well as a wide range of gifts and other rewards, are available only while the casino is still getting to its feet, and to make the most of them, a player should open an account as soon as possible!